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Common Scams and Fraud Found in Bail Bonds Industry

Having a loved one or a family member arrested and detained is a stressful time for any family. It can be an unusually trying and emotional time. People are embarrassed, worried about finances, and anxious to get their loved one out of jail.  Such a combination of events leaves people vulnerable to a number of scams and outright fraud. It…read more →

What you should know about Post Conviction Relief Law

Post-conviction relief refers to the legal process which starts once the defendant is convicted of a crime. In most criminal cases, the conviction usually results after a trial. After the conviction, the next step is that of sentencing. The verdict is passed by the court, but the guilty party can challenge the conviction or sentence under the post-conviction relief law….read more →

Aggravating and mitigating factors that can affect a crime

The crime alone doesn’t determine the sentencing or penalty; rather, there are factors that altogether conclude whether the criminal is worth punishment legally. Whenever a jury finds a respondent chargeable towards the end of a criminal trial, the court must decide the petitioner’s punishment. State and government criminal acts frequently set the punishments for offenses in view of the offense…read more →

What are some common examples of Vehicular Crimes?

Accidents take place on roads all the time and it can be hard for the parties involved, as well as law enforcement authorities, to agree on the principal culprit. This is because many factors need to be considered before you can lay the blame on one particular person. A proper investigation needs to be conducted taking into account everything from…read more →

An Overview of Workers’ Compensation

When someone is injured at the workplace, they have the right to get workers’ compensation. Also known as workman’s compensation, or workers’ comp, workers compensation is the name given to a system of laws that are designed in order to protect injured employees at the workplace. The objective of workers’ compensation is to ensure that when an employee is injured…read more →

Consequences of Different Sex Crimes in Arizona

The Arizona state laws define penalties and consequences for different sex crimes. Understanding the charges for each of these sex crimes can be difficult. When someone is accused of violating the laws related to sex crimes in Arizona, they not only face the legal penalties, but they face far reaching consequences. The offender will not only have to serve time…read more →

Consequences of Possessing a Controlled Substance in Arizona

Possessing a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) in Arizona and other states is considered a serious crime. The exact penalties for possession vary depending on the type of drug involved and the quantity of drug possessed. The intent also affects the severity of the punishments, for example if it was for personal use, or if it was for sale and distribution….read more →

Electronic Cigarette Lawsuits Are on the Rise

Electronic cigarettes have become widely popular since they have hit the market as an alternative to standard cigarette smoking. Because e-cigarettes do not generally offend others in public spaces, people addicted to nicotine are able to enjoy their freedom of choice in smoking where other cigarettes are not allowed. Celebrities have helped e-cigarette makers market their products as “cool,” whereas…read more →

Three Myths About Criminal Defense Cases

Myth Number One – You Are Guilty of a Crime Because You Were Charged With a Crime This is the biggest myth that exists in my opinion in handling criminal defense cases.  Just because the police charge you with a crime, it does not mean that you are guilty of that crime.  In order to charge someone with a crime,…read more →

What to Know About Federal Crimes

Remember the armed militiamen who took over an Oregon wildlife refuge for 41 days in January and February 2016 to protest the government’s management of federal lands? Ammon Bundy was the leader of the protest; he led the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon’s Harney County. As his own attorneys, Mike Arnold and Lissa Casey, wrote…read more →

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