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Temporary Driver’s License After a DUI/DWI Arrest in Arizona

Temporary Driver’s License After a DUI/DWI Arrest in Arizona

David Michael Cantor explains how to get a driver’s license after a DUI/DWI arrest in Arizona:

In the State of Arizona, just because you have been arrested for DUI or DWI, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will lose your driving privileges right away. Often, your driver’s license will be taken away by a police officer and you will be given two pieces of paper (one that is pink and one that is yellow in color. This paper is known as an Implied Consent/Administrative Per Se Affidavit. After getting this document, you will be required to request a court hearing within the next 15 days. If you fail to request your hearing during that window of time, you can expect to have your driver’s license suspended for anywhere from 90 days to a full year.

To avoid having this hardship happening to you, contact a DUI defense attorney and present them with the document so that you can immediately request your hearing. Be sure to take the yellow copy of the document with you after the request has been carried out. It is a temporary driving permit that will allow you to continue to drive for the time being. It is meant to be your driver’s license for the time being until you get your DMV hearing. The hearing can happen within two to three months time.

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If you are pulled over for DUI or DUI Drugs and have to submit a blood test, this can hamper the process of acquiring an actual temporary driving permit. Blood test results are not instantaneous, so you might not immediately get an Implied Consent/Administrative Per Se Affidavit as the document will be mailed to you if your BAC turns up 0.08 or higher. Sometimes, you won’t get this document via mail at all. However, you will still legally be permitted to drive until you receive your DMV hearing.

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