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Sex Crimes Lawyer Defense in Arizona

Sex Crimes Lawyer Defense in Arizona

As an Arizona Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer, David Michael Cantor is also a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist per the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization. Our law firm can help assist in cases sex crimes, such as indecent exposure, possession of child pornography, solicitation of prostitution, child molestation, sexual assault, prostitution, sexual abuse, sexual conduct with a minor, and other alleged sex crimes. For instance, Limewire account users may unintentionally upload files of child pornography when in search of other files containing keywords, such as “dog,” “cat” or another keyword completely unrelated to sexual exploitation of minors.

DM Cantor understands the needs for top level sex crimes defense. Nearly every team member of The Cantor Team’s Arizona Sex Offender Lawyers has worked as a prosecutor of sexual crimes in Arizona for: the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office; the Arizona Attorney General’s Office; the Mesa City Prosecutor’s Office; and the Phoenix City Prosecutor’s Office. Because our team is well-versed in sex crimes, they utilize every possible scientific tool and forensic science to seek a reduction of charges and to increase the likelihood of a complete acquittal. In addition, we have an extensive law library with local police investigation manuals, state police investigation manuals and FBI investigation manuals for research purposes. DM Cantor will utilize every possible defense which is pertinent to the case at hand to receive the best outcome possible.

The knowledge and expertise in sex crimes defense we offer often extends and surpasses that of the prosecution and police officers. David Michael Cantor and his team have over 100 years of combined jury trial experience.

It is essential to seek professional, experienced legal assistance immediately. DM Cantor can greatly assist in sex crime cases, such as those of child molestation and sexual conduct with a minor. Regarding Dangerous Crimes Against Children (DCAC), these are the two most commonly filed false allegations. In some instances, the accused can receive a “confrontation call” where the accuser speaks to the accused in an effort to gain more information. The accuser may say something like, “I may be pregnant.” If the accused is a step-parent or a similar authority figure and says something like, “We’ll go to the doctor to check,” it can be construed that the authority figure is guilty of a sex crime even though the accused did not admit to anything.

For sex crime related cases, it is essential to contact an AV® rated law firm, such as DM Cantor.  The Cantor Team has members listed with the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers®, is well-versed in sex crimes, most served as former prosecutors, understand the need for defense, utilize every defense possible, has numerous expert witnesses available to testify on your behalf, and has extensive knowledge in the area of law and has resources available at every level—city, county, state and federal courts. Contact DM Cantor 24 hours a day at (602) 737-2812 to schedule a free initial consultation. If you choose, you can use our confidential web form to send us an email and a lawyer will contact you back within 24 hours.

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