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Robbery Sentences

Robbery Sentences

A Robbery, Aggravated Robbery or Armed Robbery conviction in Arizona has lifelong consequences. Without hiring an expert criminal defense Lawyer with a proven track record you face sentences of:


First Conviction: Probation to 3.75 Years Prison
Second Conviction: 2.25 – 7.5 Years Prison
Third Conviction: 6 – 15 Years Prison

Aggravated Robbery

First Conviction: Probation to 8.75 Years Prison
Second Conviction: 3.5 – 16.25 Years Prison
Third Conviction: 7.5 – 25 years in Prison

Armed Robbery

First Conviction: 7 – 21 Years Prison
Second Conviction: 4.5 – 23.25 Years Prison
Third Conviction: 10.5 – 35 years in Prison

Time is not on your side and you will not have a favorable outcome in court without an expert criminal defense attorney defending you throughout your case. The Law Offices of David M. Cantor has a proven track record in defending Robbery cases in Arizona.

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