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Post Conviction Relief Petitions and Appeals

Post Conviction Relief Petitions and Appeals

Probation Violations, Sentence Modifications, Terminate Probation, & Restoration of Civil Rights

Although a defeat in the courtroom can feel discouraging, a conviction on criminal charges does not mean it is the end of the line as far as your case is concerned. After your initial conviction, the Arizona justice system provides for post-conviction motions and appeals, which may help reduce your sentence or overturn your conviction entirely. Additionally, certain post-conviction motions may allow you to regain rights lost as a result of a conviction, such as the right to vote. Getting a court to modify a sentence or set aside a conviction requires you to carry a heavy burden, so a skilled and experienced attorney is needed.

DM Cantor has a team of skilled criminal defense attorneys who can not only help you at trial but also assist in post-conviction motions and appeals as well. Most of the criminal defense lawyers at the firm are former prosecutors, which gives them unique insight into the criminal justice system and familiarity with a broad range of criminal law. DM Cantor is comprised of criminal defense lawyers who can assist you in all city, county, state, and federal court jurisdictions. With an extensive body of experience, these attorneys will closely analyze your case for potential avenues for overturning or modifying your sentence. And once they find it, the Cantor team will fight for your rights aggressively.

DM Cantor is a firm dedicated to defending your rights, no matter where you are. We serve clients in all city, county, state, and federal court jurisdictions in Arizona, including in Avondale, Buckeye, Chandler, El Mirage, Fountain Hills, Gilbert, Glendale, Goodyear, Mesa, the city of Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Peoria, Scottsdale, Sun City, Surprise, and Tempe.

Although a conviction does not necessarily mean that you will be going to jail, it is a significant obstacle to overcome. Your legal options following a conviction are substantially more limited compared to your options at trial, so it is vital that you have a skilled, experienced post-conviction attorney at your side for appeals and post-conviction issues. DM Cantor have the skills and dedication to assist you; contact the firm today via our secure online contact form or by calling (602) 737-2812.

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