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Probation Violations & Sentence Modifications

Probation Violations & Sentence Modifications

Probation Violations, Sentence Modifications, Terminate Probation, & Restoration of Civil Rights

Many benefits are gained from being granted an early discharge from probation or sentence modification. Alleged probation violators have perhaps the greatest need and most urgent reason to seek accurate advice and prompt assistance from a legal professional. The DM Cantor team is made up of former prosecutors who know the ins and outs of the Arizona legal system. Besides probation cases, Cantor Team lawyers represent criminal defendants at trial, on appeal and during all phases of post-conviction relief proceedings in any Arizona court of law.

On many occasions, a Cantor Criminal Defense Lawyer is successful in obtaining early discharge from probation or sentence modification on behalf of clients because of case-specific factors. If any valid grounds exist to reduce a prison sentence or length of probation, these Arizona Defense Attorneys can identify all relevant facts and present them in light most favorable to the client to pursue appropriate legal remedies for relief.

Being accused of violating your probation has very serious ramifications. However, highly skilled and well trained Cantor Defense Team Lawyers often negate negative testimony by presenting persuasive evidence and arguments to the judge that makes a huge difference in case outcome.

Retaining an AV® rated law firm is essential, as it represents Martindale Hubbell®’s highest credential. Moreover, Arizona Legal Specialization Board Certified Criminal law Specialist David Michael Cantor and name of every law firm associate appears within the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. Because virtually all are former district attorneys, David Cantor Law Firm Attorneys for Probation Violations in Arizona are quite familiar with local criminal courts.

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