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Vehicular Crimes

Vehicular Crimes

Vehicular Crimes in Arizona

Driving is an activity that countless Arizona residents engage in every day, usually without a second thought. However, driving a motor vehicle can actually be quite a dangerous activity due to the speed, mass, and amount of cars and trucks traversing the roads each day. Because of the serious risk of injury and death that accompanies such a car-centric culture, the Arizona legislature has created harsh penalties for those who drive their vehicles in a way that may put others at risk.

The State of Arizona enforces a number of different vehicular crimes with varying penalties; click a link above to find out more. If you or a loved one has been charged with any of these crimes, DM Cantor can help you establish an effective defense.

Vehicular crimes are serious charges, and are quite different from simple traffic citations. Thus, having an experienced defense lawyer is important so you can avoid adverse consequences; a criminal defense attorney from DM Cantor can help you understand these charges more deeply and assess your legal options.

All of the defense attorneys at DM Cantor are very experienced in all areas of vehicular crimes including: Vehicular Manslaughter, Hit & Run, Flight from Police, Reckless Driving, Driving on a Suspended License, among other vehicular-related crimes.

Our firm will go to any length to defend your case. While other firms may say they will go to great lengths, many of them fall short. We have the staff and resources to interview ALL witnesses, dissect police reports, and utilize expert witnesses to challenge any forensic or other evidence in your case.

While vehicular crimes in Arizona are strictly enforced, you always have the right to a lawyer for defense representation. A skilled defense lawyer such as those at DM Cantor may be able to help you reduce your charges or obtain an acquittal depending on the defenses available to you. To speak with a lawyer and schedule a Free Case Review, call us now at (602) 737-2812. Our offices are available 24 hours a day via phone or by using our confidential web form.

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