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Chandler DUI / DWI Attorney for Chandler, AZ Municipal Court

Chandler DUI / DWI Attorney for Chandler, AZ Municipal Court

Chandler City DUI CourtArizona has some of the toughest laws in the nation when it comes to driving under the influence. This is no different in Chandler; a first-time or second-time conviction for for driving under the influence is a first-class misdemeanor. State law in Arizona mandates that those convicted of any DUI, even a first-time offense, spend at least one day in jail. But that is just the beginning of the legal consequences for DUI/DWI convictions. If you have been charged with driving under the influence, you should understand that the penalties can be very serious and potentially life-altering. Thus, it is important to hire an experienced Chandler DUI attorney. A DUI attorney from DM Cantor can help you fight these charges and avoid future hardships. You can call our office any time at (602) 737-2812 or click here to set up a free consultation with one of our DUI Defense Attorneys.

Having a DUI attorney from DM Cantor can give you the edge because our firm has extensive experience and familiarity with the Chandler Municipal Court, where you will be required to appear if arrested on DUI charges in the city. The court is located at 200 E Chicago St, and can be contacted at (480) 782-4700. The judges at this court are Mike Morales, Michael Traynor, Gary LaFleur, and Maria Brewer. Our firm has worked with all of these judges before and can help you by providing insight into what arguments are likely or unlikely to be effective in court. As top criminal lawyers in the state, we also handle other criminal cases in the Chandler Municipal Court.

If your case goes to trial it may involve many court appearances, and because the court is only open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, failing to have a criminal lawyer will mean you will have to miss work numerous times. If you hire DM Cantor, we will be able to appear for you (when you aren’t needed) so you don’t risk losing your job due to absence. The work of a skilled DUI attorney begins early, as he or she may be able to get your charges reduced during pre-trial hearings.

Experienced representation is important, because DUI/DWI penalties can be severe. A first-time DUI offense may carry the following penalties:

  • A base fine, surcharges and assessments totaling: $1,537
  • Jail Cost for one day: $130
  • Alcohol Screening: $50
  • 16 – 36 Alcohol Classes: $135 – $585 total
  • One Year Ignition Interlock Device: $1,000 – $1,200
  • SR-22 Car Insurance Policy: $500 per year for 3 years = $1,500
  • Car Insurance Rate Increases: $3,000 per year for 3 years = $9,000


The penalties are more severe for second-offense DUI convictions:

  • Three years of increased car premiums: $9,000
  • Three years of SR-22 insurance: $1,500
  • Ignition Interlock Device: $1,200
  • Ninety days in jail: $2,500
  • Alcohol program: $585, with extra $50 for alcohol screening
  • Miscellaneous fines, surcharges, and fees: $3,500


If you are charged with an extreme — BAC of at least .15 — or super extreme DUI — BAC of at least .20 — the offense is still a misdemeanor but the penalties are enhanced. A first-time extreme DUI exposes you to the following penalties:

  • 30 days in jail: $2,500
  • DUI Fines: $2,787
  • Requirement to install an ignition interlock system: $1,200
  • Alcohol Screening: $50
  • Up to 36 hours of alcohol education classes: $585
  • SR-22 Policy $500 per year: $1,500
  • Increase Car Insurance Premiums $3,000 per year: $9,000

Penalties for an Super Extreme DUI are:

  • 45 Days in Jail: $3,750
  • Additional Fees: $3,244
  • Substance Abuse Screening: $50
  • 36 Alcohol Abuse Classes: $585
  • Ignition Interlock Device: $1,800
  • SR-22 Insurance $500 per year for 3 years: $1,500
  • Increased Auto Insurance Rates $3,000 per year 3 years: $9,000


For help fighting your DUI charges and limiting your risk of receiving these harsh penalties, contact DM Cantor today for a free case review with a DUI/DWI Lawyer. Our offices can be reached 24 hours a day by phone at (602) 737-2812 or by using our confidential email form.

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