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What Exactly is a White Collar Crime in Arizona?

Some criminal acts are obvious and blatant, but other types of crime also exist as well. This is especially true in any business or agency that allows certain individuals access to financial information. Of course, among those who have access to monetary accounts, there are often also those who have the power to transfer or control those funds. When irregularities…read more →

Pre-Charge Criminal Cases in Arizona

It is intimidating, frightening and confusing being implicated in a crime in Arizona, just as it is anywhere else in the country. You are likely unsure of how to proceed in your new case. Even if you have been questioned without being put in jail, then released, your problems are far from over. When you are released from custody after…read more →

Are Changes Required In Regards To Juvenile Offenses?

States like California have very harsh laws when it comes to juvenile offenders. As a result of these laws, many young offenders have ended up serving harsh and long prison sentences, which would not have been required had the law been simpler. These harsh penalties were imposed on offenders as part of a wave of harsh new laws that were…read more →

How does the Criminal Process Work?

When someone is stopped on suspicion of a criminal activity and arrested, that initiates a criminal process to determine whether the person is actually guilty of the crime or not. The initial stop or arrest is followed by a number of other processes as listed below: Arraignment – The initial step after the arrest is an arraignment where the specific…read more →

Is a Wrongful Death Civil or Criminal?

When a person speaks of wrongful death, they are specifically talking about the area of law applied in civil tort cases where the actions of a defendant caused the victim’s death. This area of law specifically applies to the claims of surviving family and dependents that have suffered because the death victim is no longer there to financially support them. The damages are…read more →

3 Differences Between a Criminal Case and Civil Case

The United States legal system is confusing. Between paperwork, hiring a lawyer and knowing how to best respond to legal cases, many people feel overwhelmed. However, one of the most basic elements of the legal system is its two core entities: criminal and civil court. While both operate under state and/or federal guidelines, these two court systems serve very different…read more →

Drugged Driving Causes Serious Accidents

As a criminal defense or personal Injury lawyer can attest, it has long been known that impaired driving is a problem in the United States. All of the country’s states have laws in place that require a driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC) to be under 0.08 percent when behind the wheel. But when a driver is using substances other than…read more →

Possession or Use of Marijuana in Arizona

The laws regarding possession and use of Marijuana are defined under A.R.S. 13-3405. Although some states have lenient laws regarding possession and use of marijuana, the state of Arizona considers use or possession of marijuana as a criminal offense. As per Arizona marijuana laws, it is illegal for anyone to use or possess, possess in order to sell, produce, or…read more →

Assault, Violent Crimes and Homicide in Arizona

Assault Violent Crimes Homicides Defending a criminal charge for assault, homicide, and other violent crimes requires the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows how prosecutors will work to have the charge turn into a conviction. A criminal conviction on your record will lead to prison time, fines, and lifelong consequences. It also stays on your criminal record…read more →

Probation Sentence Modification in Arizona

A common issue that arises in criminal cases is whether the court can modify a probation sentence. The answer to that question is Yes! Probation sentences can be modified. However, there are some limitations. First of all, you have to understand that there is a small window of time available for the judge to correct, modify, or reduce the length…read more →

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